Beth-El Zikhron Yaakov Industries, Ltd

Case Study


Company Profile
Company: Beth-El Zikhron Yaakov Industries, Ltd
Size: 700 Employees
Location: Israel
Machine: Planar P150.40

Beth-El Zikhron Yaaqov Industries Ltd is a leading designer and manufacturer of CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) air ltration and air treatment products.

The products are used in over 100 countries for armoured vehicles, mobile shelters and containers, military ships, army tents, command and control centres and mobile medical chambers for isolation and pandemic prevention, protecting people and equipment all over the world by providing clean and ltered air.

Founded in 1974, the company develops and manufactures an entire line of sub-components and keeps all critical manufacturing technologies in-house, including sheet metal bending and forming, CNC punching, milling and turning, plastic injection moulding and PCB development.

Beth-El complies with the certi ed quality assurance program ISO 9001 since 1995 and is also certi ed with AQAP-2110 and MANHAR level A, the highest level of quality assurance of the Israeli Ministry of Defence. They also hold the NATO supplier’s code manufacturer number.

“We are much more accurate and faster and have a backup of each report on the server.”

— Immanuel Link, Production Manager, Beth-El

Figure 1: Beth-El factory, Israel

Mr. Immanuel Link, Beth-El’s Production Manager, said that Beth-El had been using calipers and measuring tape to check parts. A method they found to be very slow and “it was impossible to check all the measurements according to the drawing”.

The company was introduced to InspecVision at the EuroBlech exhibition in Hannover.After researching the measurement process they decided to install a Planar P150.40 in 2013.

Mr. Link confirmed that in comparison to the manual methods previously used, they are saving on average between ten and fifty minutes per part and on bigger, more complex parts the time saving can be up to two hours.

Approximately 50-100 parts per week are inspected on the Planar.

Figure 2: Planar machine installed at Beth-El, Israel.

Mr. Link commented that they check the same quanity of parts as they did before but “we are much more accurate and faster and have a backup of each report on the server.” The overall payback period was 2-3 years.

Within Beth-El’s workforce, it’s the department quality inspector who uses the machine. He said he found the Planar to be “very easy and user friendly”. So much so that Beth-El have recommended the machine to other Israeli manufacturers.

“A very worthwhile investment. A must in any sheet metal production facility.”

— Immanuel Link, Production Manager, Beth-El

Mr. Link stated that Beth-El has “very rarely” needed support from either their local distributor or InspecVision but they were satis ed with the support they received when required. They carry out their own regular maintenance of changing lters and calibrating the machine when necessary.

According to Mr. Link the main benefits Beth-El has experienced since installing the Planar are:

  • Cost saving.
  • Drastic reduction in time required for First Article Inspection.

Figure 3: Beth-El factory in Israel.

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