Planar v2020 is here!

The Productivity Quality and InspecVision teams are pleased to announce Planar v2020. This new release includes many great enhancements, including the overhauling of several GD&T items.

InspecVision: What’s New in 2020

Our latest webinar discusses new features to help measure all your GD&T needs, including: redesigned datum alignment windows, true position with material modifiers (MMC & LMC) and profile. We demonstrate how to report options that include advanced manual add commands, numerical or alphabetical names, new auto generate options and how to measure multiple parts. We also cover SPC - Analyzing & automatic exporting to FAI & PPAP's, SmartProfle & InspecVision's one button inspection.


Viscor Case Study Company Profile Company: Viscor Size: €30M Location: Canada Machine: Planar P120.50 Founded in 1952 by immigrant electrical engineer Daniel Wiener, Viscor is Canada’s largest independent LED lighting and metal fabrication manufacturer. With over 65 years of continued growth, Viscor has progressed from a humble 4,000 square foot facility to a 1/4 million…

TT Gaskets

TT Gaskets Case Study Company Profile Company: TT Gaskets Size: €17M Location: Finland Machine: Planar P70.20 TT Gaskets is the leading Nordic manufacturer of gaskets, packings and sealing solutions for all major industries including automotive, marine, food processing, lighting and HVAC. The company is an independent, Finnish family business, established in 1943 when Finland needed…


Jin Rong Hua Le Metal Manufactures Co, Ltd (TBK) Case Study Company Profile Company: Jin Rong Hua Le Metal Manufactures Co, Ltd (TBK) Size: €30M Location: Chine Machine: Planar P70.50, P220.50 Jin Rong Hua Le Metal Manufactures Co; Ltd, better known as TBK, was established in 2004 in Gao Ming District, close to Guangzhou and…

MARS Group

MARS Group Case Study Company Profile Company: MARS Group Size: €5M Location: Serbia Machine: Planar P70.20 Founded in 1990, MARS is a privately owned manufacturer of high precision, complex mechanical parts. With 170 qualified employees, their core business is CNC machining on mills, turning lathes, sheet metal processing and surface treatments of mechanical parts. The…

Hongshi BaoSheng Technology Company Ltd

Hongshi BaoSheng Technology Company, Ltd Case Study Company Profile Company: Hongshi BaoSheng Technology Company, Ltd Size: €47M Location: China Machine: Planar P180.50, P70.20 Established in 2005, Hongshi BaoSheng Technology Company (HBTC) is a group of companies specialising in R&D and manufacturing of equipment for a wide range of industries including aviation, telecommunications, nance, healthcare, energy…

Beth-El Industries

Beth-El Zikhron Yaakov Industries, Ltd Case Study Company Profile Company: Beth-El Zikhron Yaakov Industries, Ltd Size: 700 Employees Location: Israel Machine: Planar P150.40 Beth-El Zikhron Yaaqov Industries Ltd is a leading designer and manufacturer of CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) air ltration and air treatment products. The products are used in over 100 countries…

Louis Industries

Louis Industries, a steel processing facility based in Minnesota, began as a blacksmith shop in 1940. Founded by Alfred Louis, sons Leo and Cecil took over the business in 1973 and began to modify the company from blacksmith to OEM, producing wood burning stoves and animal equipment. In the 1990s, the company changed direction from OEM manufacturer to steel processing. Today, Louis Industries remains a family business providing services including laser cutting, turret punching, forming, welding and rolling and is a major regional supplier of steel and aluminium.

SGC France

Societe Giennoise de Chaudronnerie (SGC) was established in 1978 and specialises in precision sheet metalwork. The company is based in the central Loire Valley region of France and services a wide range of industry sectors including HVAC, aerospace, household and industrial appliances, automotive, defence and lighting. The company offers both small and large volume manufacturing to its customers with production methods including punching and shearing, laser cutting, pressing, bending, deburring and surface treatment. Assembly, packaging and labelling services are also available.


ArcelorMittal is the world’s leading steel and mining company, with a presence in 60 countries and an industrial footprint in 18 countries. They are the leading supplier of quality steel in the major global steel markets including automotive, construction, household appliances and packaging.

IKM Haaland AS

IKM Haaland AS, part of the IKM group, is one of Norway’s biggest sheet metal processing companies. Founded in the 1930s as a furniture factory, it changed direction in the 1950s to nail production before starting sheet metal production in the 1980s.

Sheet Metal Inspection & Reverse Engineering

Manufacturing sheet metal parts can be particularly difficult. The production cost per component is very low compared with other industries such as metal machining. This drives down the resources available to the quality control process, even though sheet metal parts are often used in the most demanding applications such as aerospace or automotive or in very large production runs, all of which require inspection.

O-ring Inspection

Even before the 1986 NASA Space Shuttle disaster that took the lives of seven crew members, o-ring manufacturers throughout the world have had to place a strong emphasis on the quality of the goods they produce, both in terms of dimensional accuracy and longevity.

Electrical Laminations Inspection

Electric lamination inspection is a particularly difficult and demanding application to which the traditional range of metrology equipment is not well suited. Unfortunately, the inspection of laminations is not optional. The tolerances are quite tight and some of the reference features are quite small. The measuring machine must therefore have a very good accuracy and feature resolution.

Gasket and Seal Inspection

Gasket and seal inspection is a particularly difficult and demanding application. With the advent of spiral wound, double-jacketed and kamm profile gaskets, gasket inspection has become a lot more difficult. The latest generation of gaskets are no longer manufactured from a simple 2D sheet, they are now a complex 2.5D or even 3D assembly made from a variety of flexible and solid materials.

Zumtobel Lighting GmbH

Daniel Kannegießer, a Mechanical Engineer from Zumtobel told InspecVision we 'were measuring by hand before and this was really time consuming, it was also too inaccurate, slow and not traceable'. These problems now have been addressed with the purchase of their Planar scanner.

Whitwam Precision Components Ltd.

Operations Director, Matthew Whitwam stated that "customers began to demand more detailed inspection processed be implemented", and Whitwam's manual methods were not adequate for inspection. This made the purchase of a computerized measuring system to satisfy customer demand a necessity.

Verona Lamiere SPA

Inspecting complex parts manually is extremely time consuming and the "components are quite impossible to be inspected with manual tools" stated Mr. Capitanio. In contrast the Planar system is the fastest 2D inspection system of its kind in the world, which made Verona Lamiere's decision to purchase one easy.


Stephen continues to explain that they 'choose the largest model (P360.50) with dual cameras, so we are able to measure longer parts, up to 118" in length. This reduces the amount of time that we would spend "scanning" and merging the parts in our inspection process.


The Quality Manager at Siemens informed InspecVision that before they purchased the Planar they were 'inspecting parts manually'. Their manual method was very time consuming. They have found that inspection of the parts is 'more effective by using Planar machine than the old manual method used'.


According to Mike Dreikosen Senior Manufacturing Engineer at Maysteel, "Ensuring the quality of our product is essential at Maysteel. We have over 16 CNC turret punching machines, 2 turret/laser combo machines and a free standing laser machine. We use the InspecVision Planar machine to verify the output from all these machines!"

Marshall Aerospace

They required a more accurate way to check the 22 to 10 gauge (0.7 to 3.0 mm thick) components after they have been routed and drilled. This is being driven by increasing use in aircraft manufacture of predeterminate assemblies. They require components whose machined features are so precise that they fit together perfectly, without having to use jigs on the factory floor and ream out pilot holes.

Castings and Machined Parts Inspection

Unfortunately, the existing inspection methods such as CMMs are slow, extremely complicated and expensive both to purchase and to run. In addition, conventional CMMs can only be used to measure a limited number of points. Due to the quality demands of industries such as automotive and aerospace, inspection is not an option.

Scherer Group

Auto Heinen was acquired by the Scherer Group, but were originally founded in 1933. They manufacture and nish aluminium die-cast parts for leading Automotive companies such as Aston Martin, Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, Continental and Schaef er Gruppe. Their company's dedication to quality management meant that they wanted to find a fast and accurate method of checking their components.