Verona Lamiere SPA

Case Study


Company Profile
Company: Verona Lamiere SPA
Size: €15,000M
Location: Italy
Machine: Planar P220.50

Verona Lamiere are a sheet metal processing company, with welding, cutting, bending and stamping departments. The company is based in Italy and were founded in 1989. Their clients include many high profile names such as “Schneider Electric Group, Electrolux Group and CNH Group” so high quality standards are essential.

Figure 1: Verona Lamiere factory in Italy

Typical inspection requirements are for 20-30 parts to be veri ed per week. According to Stefano Capitanio before Verona Lamiere purchased the Planar machine they used “traditional instruments such as gauges, meter rules, protractors and in some cases overlapping one part with another which was already checked with parts from production”.

They decided to move away from manual inspection methods to the Planar system as they have “laser and punching machines and work a lot of different parts every day. Simple parts could be checked with traditional instruments however this was not possible for parts with complex shapes and lots of holes.”

“Compared to previous manual inspection method, the Planar machine saves us between 50-70% of the inspection time.”

— Stefano Capitanio,Technical Department, Verona Lamiere

Inspecting complex parts manually is extremely time consuming and the “components are quite impossible to be inspected with manual tools” stated Mr. Capitanio. In contrast the Planar system is the fastest 2D inspection system of its kind in the world, which made Verona Lamiere’s decision to purchase one easy.

Figure 2: Verona Lamiere sheet metal warehouse

The Planar machine has no moving parts and this was also an important factor. Stefano Capitanio informed us that having a system with “no maintenance or little maintenance was important, compared to our old inspection systems the Planar machine was not difficult to justify...the Planar machine is easy to use.”

Verona Lamiere found the system easy to use stating that “operators that work in production and are in charge of the punching and laser machines [also use the Planar system]”.

“The possibility that with a basic training every person could use the Planar machine was very important to us” stated Mr. Capitanio.

Figure 3: Planar (P220.50) inspecting a sheet metal part at Verona Lamiere

“Compared to our old inspection system the Planar machine was not dif cult to justify...the Planar machine is easy to use.”

— Stefano Capitanio,Technical Department, Verona Lamiere

Having a system that is so easy to use reduces the need for ongoing training sessions, or a dedicated member of staff to operate the machine. The fact that the Planar machine is very fast with automated one click inspection was also very important to Verona Lamiere.

In fact, Stefano Capitanio has stated that the machine has worked so well within Verona Lamiere that they “would recommend the Planar system [to other sheet metal manufacturers].”

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Figure 4: Planar (Model: P220.50)