Jin Rong Hua Le Metal Manufactures Co, Ltd (TBK)

Case Study


Company Profile
Company: Jin Rong Hua Le Metal Manufactures Co, Ltd (TBK)
Size: €30M
Location: Chine
Machine: Planar P70.50, P220.50

Jin Rong Hua Le Metal Manufactures Co; Ltd, better known as TBK, was established in 2004 in Gao Ming District, close to Guangzhou and Shenzhen.The company specialises in the design, manufacture, sales and service of storage chests, cabinets, tool carts, workbenches and workstations. In addition, the company is highly experienced in sheet metal processing and exports its products to North America, Europe, Australia and South Africa.

“The Planar increases the speed and efficiency of measurement. We can measure the parts with higher frequency.”

— Xiao Xiaowei, Quality Control Manager, Jin Rong Hua Le Metal Manufactures Co, Ltd

Figure 1: Outside the TBK factory in China.

Figure 2: Inside the TBK factory in China.

TBK saw the Planar machine for the rst time at the DMP exhibition in Dongguan, where InspecVision’s Chinese distributor, R & K Machinery, was exhibiting the product. They purchased a second hand prototype Planar 2D P70.50 system in 2010 to improve quality control and efficiency in production.

Prior to installing the Planar machine,TBK were inspecting parts using calipers and comparing the measurements to the CAD drawing. Quality Control Manager, Mr. Xiao Xiaowei stated that “ there were too many items which needed to be inspected from the drawing. The old method could only measure some of these items and some important items would be missing when measured manually. Inspecting the parts manually was very slow and inefficient.”

Figure 3: Planar 2D (P70.50) installed in TBK, China.

TBK was spending 3-5 minutes inspecting each part manually which was adding up to 100 hours per week on the measurement process.

The company also introduced a broad range of sheet metal equipment from leading manufacturers including Trumpf, Amada, Bystronic and Salvagnini to ensure they produced high quality products and improved their production capacity. They have now achieved ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification.

“Any problems we had were solved quickly and efficiently.”

— Xiao Xiaowei, Quality Control Manager, Jin Rong Hua Le Metal Manufactures Co, Ltd

TBK were so satisfied with the Planar P70.50 that when the Technical Manager saw the bigger P220.50 model at the SIMM exhibition in Shenzhen a few years later, they decided to upgrade to a larger machine. They had been using the repositioning function quite a lot as many of their parts were bigger than the table on the P70.50 model. The P220 model could measure the majority of their parts in one scan which further reduced the inspection time of the parts.

The bigger model enables them to measure 1500 parts per week. Mr Xiaowei explained that the Planar machine has the job done within one minute, saving 3-4 minutes inspection time per part. The augmented reality feature makes it easy for operators to use by projecting the colour green onto the good parts and red onto the bad parts.

Figure 4: Planar 2D (P220.50) installed in TBK, China.

The Planar machine is used by TBK’s quality control engineers, laser cutting machine operators and CNC punching machine operators. They inspect first parts before the batch production to ensure there is no error in the sizes and the machine works well in a factory floor environment.

Mr. Xiaowei said that “because the Planar machine has no moving parts, it is easy to support and any problems we had were solved quickly and efficiently by our local dealer”. In addition, he would have no hesitation in recommending the machine to other companies in the sheet metal industry who require a high speed and accurate inspection system.

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