Case Study


Company Profile
Company: Siemens
Size: €7,958M
Location: China
Machine: Planar P220.50

Siemens was established in Berlin, Germany over 170 years ago and is now active in more than 200 countries. They have several divisions such as; heathcare, energy and infrastructure & cities.

A Siemens facility in China purchased a Planar P220.50 machine ( figure 1) to enable them to inspect parts in a timely and accurate manner.

Figure 1: Planar 2D (Model: P220.50)

The Quality Manager at Siemens informed InspecVision that before they purchased the Planar they were ‘inspecting parts manually’. Their manual method was very time consuming.They have found that inspection of the parts is ‘more effective by using Planar machine than the old manual method used’.

Siemens commented that the ‘Planar machine has also helped shorten new product development periods and has also increased the quality control of the products’. They have noticed bene ts with their general output also as they informed us that ‘the Planar machine has reduced our inspection time by 80%. We now inspect about 90% more parts than before...on average we would now inspect around two hundred and fifty parts per week’.

“The Planar machine has reduced our inspection time by 80%.We inspect about 90% more parts than before.”

— Siemens, Quality Manager China

Siemens have found the after support they received to be ‘immediate’ and they said that ‘the overall communication has been great’.

They found the equipment so effective and the support so impressive that they ‘have recommended the Planar machine to other sheet metal manufacturers’, as they believe it ‘is very easy to maintain, simple to operate, has a very low fault rate and works well in factory floor conditions’.

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